Adobe Stock Photo Review

Adobe Stock – the best service for designers + free trial!

Adobe Stock is an ideal stock photo service for Adobe Creative Cloud users, integrating a collection of more than 60 million professional photos directly into Adobe’s cloud design platform. This bank has been on the market for just under two years, and is already a very popular option. With state-of-the-art technology, great content quality, flexible license for commercial use and very reasonable prices, Adobe Stock has the seal of guarantee of two big and serious companies (Adobe and Fotolia), and offers cheap professional photos and a service that streamlines your creative process. 

If you are a graphic designer and you prefer Adobe software tools to do your work, Adobe Stock is the perfect image bank for you! By integrating a collection of millions of high-resolution photos into your favorite design software, Adobe Stock saves you time, effort, and money, and provides you with high-quality photos to embellish your designs. And now you can also try it for free for a month! 

Adobe Stock: Try one month free!

Does it seem too good to be true? Visit Adobe Stock right now and see for yourself! But also read on and be amazed by the benefits of this Adobe-owned stock photo service.

Adobe Stock: The Summary

Here are all the points you should know about the Adobe Stock offer what it is for, and more:

  • Offers a collection of more than 60 million high resolution photos and illustrations
  • Directly integrated into the applications of the Adobe Creative Cloud platform: access millions of images without leaving your favorite app
  • Super accessible prices: photos for only $ 9.99 individually, and up to just $ 0.26 each by hiring a subscription
  • Royalty Free License: photos for commercial use with flexible and convenient terms
  • State-of-the-art technology: artificial intelligence and image recognition to give you extra features that will save you time and effort in your creative process
  • Free trial for a month! Up to 10 free photos for 30 days
  • Backed by Adobe and with the Fotolia seal of quality (image bank among the first on the market, today owned by Adobe)

Do you want to know in detail these great benefits? Keep reading!

The Short and Successful History of Adobe Stock

At the end of 2014, it was announced that Adobe had acquired Fotolia, an image bank with years of experience and a solid position among the best in the market. In mid-2015, the software giant launched Adobe Stock which is a stock photo service owned by Adobe, and fully coupled to the Creative Cloud platform of cloud design tools.

Adobe Stock initially offered millions of photos from the Fotolia collection, which in turn is made up of contributions from photographers around the world. Since the end of 2016, the service has received direct contributions through its own page, but at the moment the bulk of its catalog comes from the acquired image bank. Fotolia continues to operate as an independent image bank.

In just under two years of life, Adobe Stock has had considerable success, and is very popular with graphic designers. Its affordable prices and the main benefit of its integration with Adobe’s cloud service make it ideal for anyone who uses Photoshop, Illustrator or any other Adobe application in its Creative Cloud version.

In addition, the company has continued to introduce updates and improvements to the service, including the addition of stock video, 3D models and design templates, and the incorporation of artificial intelligence and image recognition systems to provide an image search. faster, more advanced and more accurate.

For these reasons, it has become the ideal solution for any designer using Creative Cloud applications who wants to add cheap, high-quality photos to their designs without spending too much and avoiding the hassle of downloading, exporting and importing files into the used application.

The Adobe Stock Offering

Let’s get concrete. What does Adobe Stock offer you for? Why do we claim that it is the best image bank for graphic designers? Here we tell you.

Adobe Stock offers you excellent quality photos at affordable prices. Without a doubt the highlight of its offering and what makes it so popular is its functionality integrated with Creative Cloud, but there are many other aspects that make it such a complete and convenient service to buy royalty-free photos.

A Bank with Over 60 Million Photos

That’s right, the Adobe Stock gallery currently has more than 60 million files, including photos, vectors, and illustrations. All images are in high resolution and serve almost any design purpose.

And there is more. Now Adobe Stock includes collections of video clips, 3D models, and design templates to complement your projects. Better yet, they also include a Premium Collection, with superior quality images from the world’s most renowned photographers and photography studios (the photos in this collection cost a premium, but include higher usage rights in their license).

The entire catalog is organized into categories that collect the most popular themes and styles, and are indexed using keywords that make it easy for you to find the type of photos you are looking for using the image search engine (which you will find out about immediately).

With so much variety, quality, and quantity, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for on Adobe Stock.

Total Integration with Creative Cloud: Use Photos in Your Work Without Effort

The entire Adobe Stock image catalog is available on the Creative Cloud platform, and can be accessed from the media tab of your favorite design application (Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, etc.). With one click you are already browsing among millions of professional photos, without having to visit another website.

From your current design program, you can browse the different categories of the collection, or search for photos by specific terms. The best, you can apply the sample (with watermark) of any image to your design, and edit it as much as you want. If you decide to use the image in your work, you can buy it with a simple click, and your design will be updated with the final high resolution photo, applying all your edits automatically!

In this way, Adobe Stock saves you a lot of time and effort in your creative process, avoiding having to visit an external site to search for images, download them, import them into your design software, and just start editing.

Of course, Adobe Stock has its own website from where you can browse the catalog, buy and download photos, which you can edit with just about any image editing software you want. But the integration with Creative Cloud is the main attraction of their service.

Affordable Prices and Simple Purchase System

Adobe Stock offers two different ways to buy royalty-free photos. You can buy photos individually, by spontaneous demand. This method of purchase is ideal if you want to test the quality of the service (although you will see that there is a much better option for this), or if you really only need a few images sporadically. But if you are going to require a greater number of photos and / or will require them constantly, this system raises the cost.

And you can also purchase a subscription that gives you a certain number of downloads per month, in exchange for a flat monthly fee. Subscriptions are perfect for anyone who constantly needs photos, since with these plans each image costs just a few cents on the dollar, saving you a lot of money.

Individual Photos

Adobe Stock’s system for buying individual photos is one of the simplest and most direct you’ll find.

Adobe Stock photos cost $ 9.99 each. You can buy from one and up to as many images as you want. The unit value is simply added together, so there is no discount for multiple purchases.


Adobe Stock has four subscription options with a monthly download limit, ranging from 3 to 750 photos per month. Each plan has a different value depending on whether you hire it month to month, or if you purchase an annual subscription (in which case the monthly value is much lower):

  • 3 images per month: $ 29.99 per month
  • 10 images per month: $ 49.99 monthly, $ 29.99 per month annually
  • 40 images per month: $ 99.99 monthly, $ 79.99 per month annually
  • 750 images per month: $ 249.99 per month, $ 199.99 per month annually

As you can see, these plans save you a lot of money. Of the $ 9.99 per photo purchased individually, you can get as low as $ 0.26 per image! It all depends on how many downloads you need, and how long you are willing to commit to the subscription.

See the Adobe Stock Plans and Pricing here. 

Royalty Free License: More Flexibility in the Use of Stock Photos

All photos on Adobe Stock are sold under a Royalty Free license for commercial or personal use. This type of license is one of the most convenient on the market, since it grants you a wide range of use rights, without a time limit, and for a single flat fee. You pay only once, and you can use the photo forever.

With the Royalty Free license you can use the images in practically any commercial or personal project, as part of your custom design. There are no geographic restrictions or time limits for this use.

The restrictions that do apply mainly refer to the resale or redistribution of the images (which is totally prohibited), and to the sensitive use of them – you cannot use the photos in content related to violence, racism, crime and other socially sensitive topics or with negative connotation-.

There is also a limit to the number of copies (print or digital) that can be distributed of 500,000 units, and to the use of the photos in products for resale or redistribution. However, these limitations can be circumvented through an Extended License, which is also available from Adobe Stock. The Extended License has a higher cost per image (and is not included in subscriptions), but it gives you unlimited reproductions and the right to use the photo in a product that you will later resell to generate income.

View the Adobe Stock Licensing Terms here. 

Cutting Edge Technology: Smart Search and Much More!

With Adobe being a burgeoning technology company, it was to be expected that they would offer the best features for their customers on Adobe Stock as well.

We already talked about the integration with Creative Cloud, but there is more. Adobe Stock has introduced artificial intelligence and image recognition systems to provide an intelligent photo search engine with advanced functionality. Thanks to these programs, you get much more accurate results for your keyword searches, and better suggestions based on your searches and interests.

You can also find stock photos using any image as a reference (reverse search for similar images), great for finding that photo that you like so much and that you want to use legally in your design. And you can even find photos using a freehand drawing for reference, which can be very useful if you have a hard time defining your idea in keywords.

This same technology is applied to its contribution platform, where photographers and designers can upload their images to be sold on Adobe Stock and earn a commission. In this portal, applied artificial intelligence automatically suggests relevant keywords to describe the photos, which adds to the best search results later.

Adobe Stock Free Trial

Now, let’s say that despite everything you know about Adobe Stock, you’re still not sure if it will be worth paying for the service, if it will be what you are looking for, if the photos you find will be good enough for your work. Well, you don’t have to risk and spend money without being sure, because Adobe Stock offers a free trial for 3o days that lets you download and use up to 40 photos, without paying a penny! Get your Free Trial of Adobe Stock here ! And if you want to know more about this offer and how to use it, read this Guide to Get Free Photos from Adobe Stock .

How? Very simple. Annual plans for 10 or 40 monthly downloads of Adobe Stock come with a promotion that gives you the first month of subscription free. Depending on the plan you choose, you can download 10 or 40 photos completely free, and use the service for up to 30 days at no charge. So you can see for yourself the quality and convenience of Adobe Stock before spending money.

It is important that you understand that this free trial comes with an annual plan, so if you do not want to continue with the monthly subscription, you must cancel it before the first 30 days to avoid the monthly charges that will begin to run from the second month. If the service satisfies you and you want to continue, you should not do anything: once your 30-day free trial is over, the system will charge you the following month and automatically grant you your new available downloads. Of course, you can also upgrade to a subscription with more monthly downloads, and you can also cancel your plan whenever you want, although in this case you will be charged cancellation fees.

If you’re ready to try Adobe Stock, get your 30-Day Free Trial here!

Adobe Stock: Try one month free!

30-day free trial: Get 10 Adobe Stock content with your trial month. You can cancel without risk during the first month.GET NOW19 days leftAdobe Stock

Adobe + Fotolia: A Trusted Service

As if the Adobe Stock offering wasn’t tempting enough, you should add that you don’t have to worry about the reputation of the service, being so relatively new compared to other image banks that have been in the industry for a decade or more.

Adobe Stock is owned by Adobe, who runs the service directly. Adobe, needless to say, is one of the software titans, specializing in graphic design and media editing programs, responsible for the most popular applications in this space such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more. With more than 30 years in business and a considerable track record, this company is synonymous with excellence and success in digital publishing. It is a company of professionals that serves professionals, and therefore its products are very careful to provide a category service.

The bulk of the collection of photos they offer comes from Fotolia, a renowned image bank with an excellent track record and great professionalism (not for nothing did they attract the attention of the design software giant). Fotolia was acquired by Adobe in 2014, but has been in the market since 2005. Originally from Europe, the company successfully expanded to North America and other parts of the globe, and soon ranked among the top 5 online photo agencies, competing with rivals from the likes of iStock and Shutterstock. This image bank, which continues to operate on its own website, provides a professional service in which each image offered has been carefully selected and reviewed to guarantee its optimum quality and total legal security for its use.

This combination of reputation, experience and professionalism ensures that Adobe Stock is a serious and reliable service, and that you will not have any problems when hiring it. Something that not many new services can offer.

Adobe Stock: Pros and Cons

Now that you have more details about the Adobe Stock service, you will see its strengths and weaknesses more clearly. These are the ones we found:PROS:

  • High quality and assorted catalog
  • Integration with Creative Cloud, great for users of that platform
  • Affordable prices and convenient plans
  • Flexible license for commercial use
  • Advanced functionality saves time in the creative process
  • Free Trial
  • Adobe and Fotolia trust guarantee


  • No discounts for volume purchases on spontaneous demand
  • Not that useful for those who don’t use Creative Cloud

At first glance it is clear that the few negative points in the offer of Adobe Stock are amply outweighed by all the benefits of its service, which makes this image bank an excellent option to buy cheap, high-resolution photos.

Adobe Stock: The Best Image Bank for Graphic Designers

Now it will be easy for you to see why we affirm that Adobe Stock is the best image bank for graphic designers, but in particular for those who use Creative Cloud.

This service is specially designed to work within Creative Cloud. This feature dramatically simplifies any designer’s creative process, getting rid of boring and time-consuming tasks and freeing up more time to create.

The price-quality ratio, taking into account not only the quality and variety of the images but the value of the functions offered, make it a not only practical but also affordable option.

We have no doubts: if you use Creative Cloud for your designs, Adobe Stock is one of the best deals you’ll find for cheap, good-quality stock photos to use in your work.

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