Genre of Photography

Photographic genres encompass all the topics on which it is possible to treat a photograph. Its purpose is to provide a simple classification with defined features and

In the early days of Photography, the minted 4 main genera perfectly differentiated from each other:

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Still Life (Bodegones)
  • Photoreport


It is a gender where a whole series of initiatives come together
that revolve around the idea of showing the artistic
physical or moral qualities of the people who appear
in the photographic images.
It is a photograph of a person, more specifically of the
face. But it usually has more connotations
It is a high quality image that in addition to capturing the
the physical appearance of a person, embodies the character of the
person, usually in a captivating way.


Landscape photography is one of the most important disciplines in the
profusely practiced by all photographers. No
whether they’re professionals or newbies.
Practically one hundred percent of the people who are
have ever wielded a camera, stopped.
in front of an idyllic country setting to make a couple of
of photographs. Not all of them go well.
Landscape photography is a deceptive discipline, and
it’s not as easy as it sounds.
The first lesson: to see, first you have to know how to look.

Still life (still life) Nature

This type of photography represents the matter
inanimate, it is usually represented by
with a small group of objects.
Still life photography is a demanding art,
in which photographers are expected to be
capable of having a great sense of the
illumination, along with skills of
It is the art of photographing the inanimate.


The photoreportage is the major genre of the photography of
Its development is more complex than any other; it addresses
a general interest story that is told in a number of ways.
Through its frames it offers several angles of angles of a
problem or event and allows the photographer to report to the
the same time he pours out his point of view.

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