Microstock History

Traditionally, the sale of photos over the Internet was carried out through a few specialized pages that sold images with Protected Rights (RM: Rights Managed) at prices that were really prohibitive for many advertisers. An RM image could cost from 300 to 5000 euros (or more) depending on the advertising medium used: the number of copies, the country, the duration of the campaign, the sector, etc. Such costs were and still are (because RM images still exist), appropriate only for large advertisers with high advertising budgets. These images came from professional photographers, some more prestigious than others, but ultimately professional.

By pexels

We tried to put measures in place so that more “humble” companies could have access to these resources, thus creating, for example, the CD collections by theme, where for approximately 600 euros you would get a collection of 20 or 30 images. Even so, the solution was not to everyone’s liking.

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